A Series of Misfortunate Events

Honestly, as I’m writing this, I’m sweating after three days of constructing this dessert.  To sum it all up, it was practically mission impossible, but without Tom Cruise. Oh! and I made it possible.  Let’s start from the beginning. I have multiple creative processes to help me to think of ideas for recipes,  and one of them is from dreaming. The other day  I had this dream combining a fortune cookie and a marshmallow, getting a fortune cookie marshmallow. I guess dreaming about food must be a foodie problem. So after I had this dream, I wrote it down in my “crazy ideas become things” notebook. Oh, the irony in that sentence.

For this week, I tested out the fortunate cookie marshmallow and it actually worked! Sorry for the early spoiler alert. The reason this dessert took me three days is because I made the marshmallows by hand. Plus, I figured out a way to make marshmallows with less sugar. And no, I didn’t add less or light corn syrup. Actually, I didn’t add corn syrup at all. I’ll let your minds go mental thinking about how I made that possible. For a day and half, I focused on making these marshmallows hold their shape, but not have it turn into spreadable fluff.The next day and half I tested out how to make fortune cookies by hand. Let me tell

Follow me on my IG! I go on tons of adventures! @cookingwithlolajayme

Follow me on my IG! I go on tons of adventures! @cookingwithlolajayme

you, making fortune cookies is no joke. I burnt my fingers folding these because I was racing against time, trying to get them set before the cookie hardened. Once it hardened there was no going back.

I broke multiple cookies, went through two batches of marshmallow mixtures because the first batch wouldn’t hold it’s shape and then turned into liquid, and burnt a few fingers bending cookies. All in all ,within those three days I figured out a way to get the marshmallow into the cookie and it tasted amazing! It’s like I reinvented the smore. Why didn’t I come up with this idea sooner!? So the next time someone says, “yeah right, in your dreams…”  I will have to reply, yes, it’s a dream and my dream creation landed onto my plate. One point for me! Four for glen coco, you go glen coco.

Until the next recipe…

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