A Wake up Call to the World that’s Connected yet Disconnected

First off, Happy New Year! It’s all about the new year, new me. We all want to hit the ground running to meet our new year’s goals.. Whether it be eating healthier, starting a new work out, or spreading happiness,we all want to start with a clean slate. Most people pick their new year’s resolution, but my resolution picked me.

You might be thinking why are you not talking about food? I’ll get to that in a second, don’t you worry. Here’s a fun fact: last week I dropped my phone, causing my entire screen to be shattered and obviously it needed to be fix. I know what you must be thinking, how tragic (first world problem, ammi right?). In the beginning, I thought it would be a simple repair and I would have my phone back in a matter of hours. I.Was.Wrong. On the contrary, I was told it would take about a week. So I thought, let’s take a negative and turn it into a positive! I figured, why notconnected_disconnected make this into a challenge? I could live without social media. Part of last week and this week, I have been social media free with the exception of messaging for emergencies. Let’s just say, this recent challenge has been quite an interesting experience.  Okay, here comes the food part that you all came here for…

What I’ve noticed during this separation from my phone, is that both food and social media/technology create a cause and effect in our daily lives. Food causes us to interact with others around the table. You could be sitting next to someone who is from Spain, or the person to your right might be from Canada, and you might not know each other at all.  However, I know for a fact that if I put a well presented dish on a table, everyone would feel curious and at least try it. Thus, creating conversation and making new friends.  When you throw social connected_disconnectedmedia/technology into the mix, it disrupts human interaction and conversation. Conversing while sitting around to eat is starting to have a whole different meaning. This week, I had a chance to meet with some friends of mine and discuss this topic. “The world is moving fast. Social media is causing us to slowly pull from the world. Sometimes people don’t think what they are doing is wrong, but when I get a chance to be surrounded with my good friends it’s always nice to break bread” says Melissa Stio (Nazareth College ‘16). Honestly, you have no idea how many times I have sat at a cafe this past week and have seen a majority of people using their phones after ordering their food or drinks, yet they are sitting across from a friend who they can talk to and catch up with. Yet, instead, they chose to interact by using Instagram or Twitter to talk to a person that is right next to them. It was like seeing people in their own bubble that wouldn’t pop. A meal with your friends or family shouldn’t be taken for granted. Kelly Citrin (Nazareth College ‘16) made a statement that really resonated with me. “When it comes to my family, family dinners are a time to ‘check-in’ with each other.We make the conscious choice to not be on our phones at the table.” This really got me to think about this challenge turning into my new years resolution which was to make the conscious effort to minimize time on my phone or social media. This year, I plan to learn to enjoy the moment and to be completely present in the moment. My week without social media has made me realize that there is more to life than what is trending. So here’s an idea. Let’s all add this to the list of goals we want to achieve this year and let’s  learn to minimize time on our phones. Enjoy being in the present. Enjoy your time around a table with good food and awesome friends. My challenge for you all is to share laughs and stories together, but not over a news feed.  Keep this in mind the next time you are out with your friends and/or family: food can bring together people. Food can create conversation, new friendships and  most importantly, a community.

Until the next post…

Kain Tayo! (Let’s Eat!)


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