About The Blog

You might be thinking to yourself, “why did you start this blog?” Growing up in a Filipino household, I have watched my grandmother cook in the kitchen with such finesse as if it is poetry in motion.  As I got older, she has taught me the life-long values of how to cook Filipino dishes. I have several memories and life lessons she has taught me just by cooking with her. Over the years, she has recorded traditional filipino recipes and recipes of her own to share with her family.

My mission is to share the Filipino culture through food and my childhood memories for the foodies of all foodies. Cooking my way through each recipe from my grandmother’s cookbook and creating my own recipes along the way.

I’m documenting my cooking journey. A journey to tell her stories, my memories, and my culture through food.

Can’t wait to take you on this adventure with me!


Kain Tayo! (Let’s eat!)

Lola Jayme