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buko pie preview

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The month of May marks Lola’s birthday! Cue the dancing lobster, break out the streamers and party hats. You may not have caught on to my subtle hint when I changed the Cooking with Lola Jayme Facebook page profile picture. Go give it a ‘like’, yeah I just included a shameless plug. Lola made birthdays a big celebration. She would cook all the food and desserts for your birthday. She believed it was better to have too much food than have too little food. When I mean too much food, it would be to the point some of my relatives would say, “it’s too much food take home.” The leftovers were usually enough to last you for weeks and it always saved us when we didn’t feel like cooking. We usually ended up packing the freezer with food, and were suprised when it acually closed!

buko pie sliceIn honor of her birthday month, I made one of her signature desserts, buko pie. I am already preparing myself to brace the texts from family asking if I saved leftovers. To answer your question now, whoops. Now, ‘buko’ in Filipino means “young coconut”. So, all together it translates to coconut pie. You might be thinking that it is like coconut cream pie, but there is no cream in the coconut filling and it doesn’t have the swirl of merigue on top of the crust. It’s as if you shaved the coconut meat yourself put it in a pie tin and baked it. So technically, it’s practically the ‘healthiest’ dessert to have at a party.

buko pieWhen Lola first taught me how to make this, it was Christmas time. It’s one of the easiest desserts to make, but your biggest enemy is waiting for the pie in the oven. It takes close to an hour for it bake and waiting for it to cool down is another struggle on it’s own. Being patient is your one true enemy in this waiting game.  She would make these pies and give them away to people as Christmas gifts. She said, “cooking for friends and family is a joy.” * Cough, cough, look at the blog banner, cough* and you can sense that when she gives you buko pie as a gift. When people give handmade gifts or cards she takes it up a notch and gives you a handmade pie. Forget the Kardashian’s holiday cards given to friends and family giving pies is the newest the trend.  

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