Can we Google maps Lumpia Shanghai?

lumpia tower

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So this week, one of the most famous Filipino dishes is featured in today’s post. If you saw the ingredients I posted on my Instagram, @cookingwithlolajayme, you might have an idea what I made. That’s right, I made Lumpia Shanghai! I know, it’s confusing that it’s a Filipino dish, yet you think it’s from Shanghai, China. Lumpia in Filipino, generally
means “egg rolls,” and there are many different types of Lumpia. There’s fried lumpia, fresh lumpia and lumpia Shanghai, just to name a few. Lumpia Shanghai typically has a meat filling a meat mixture with carrots, spices, and onions. On the side, there is a sweet chili sauce for dipping. Now, I’m not sure how Lumpia Shanghai got its name and I don’t know if the city of Shanghai has this recipe, but nevertheless, it’s still tastes amazing.

I don’t know if it is just me, but every time I get a chance to make lumpia, it’s therapeutic for me. I’m not entirely sure why, maybe because of the amount of folding you do is similar to origami? It’s so therapeutic that my mind gets lost in all the fold and rolling. It makes me completely relaxed to

the point that I have rolled three packets worth of lumpia wrappers without realizing it. For those of you who might be wondering how many wrappers there are in one packet, there’s 25 of them, so I made rough 125 pieces lumpia. On the bright side, my family has lumpia to live off of for awhile.

lumpiaIf you’re Filipino, you know lumpia is a staple to any Filipino party. I remember when I was younger if you felt picky about certain dishes that day, you would head straight for the lumpia platter and eat it with rice. It’s basically the equivalent to a child ordering chicken nuggets at a restaurant.  In honor of my five year old lumpia monster self,  I made a lumpia tower because being told it’s waste of uneaten lumpia is just crushing to a little kid.  Even though I’m older and my love for food has grown it’s still a dish you’ll never tired of eating.

Until the next recipe…

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