Can You Make This For Me, PLEASE?!

Breaking news: This week marks the second week of me being a foodie genius. Yes, a foodie genius. If you have been keeping up with me and my blog, you know in the past I have done a mini series called “Fusion on Fusion”. Where I combined Filipino food with other culture’s famous cuisines to create a new dish. This week I accidently made a new dish, but in a good way.
The story behind this week’s dish started off with a conversation I had with one my friends. His name rhymes with Jello. (mellow? Othello? ) You know who you are. We were talking about food, as per usual, and were talking about food ideas to try. While we were talking I had a lightbulb light up above my head, to combine waffles and chorizo. For those of you who don’t know what chorizo is, it is a type of sausage that contains meat that is either cured or smoked. Then, I took this brilliant idea and thought, “why not make it into a breakfast sandwich?” So I ran with the idea of making a chorizo waffle sandwich stuffed with scrambled eggs across Jello. At that point, the only sentence that came out of his mouth was, “Can you make this for me, PLEASE?!” I had to test this idea out. I must say, if pure genius had a flavor, it would be a chorizo waffle sandwich.

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If you’ve been keeping up with my blog since the beginning you know the inspiration of my blog is my grandmother. She taught me how to cook Filipino food. At times like these, I sometimes think she magically passes me the idea of certain fusion recipes. It’s not often that people are constantly thinking about food, but clearly thinking about food isn’t a bad thing. Or maybe food thinking is a skill.



Until the next recipe…


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