Can you put the Whole Mango tree in this?

After the last mini series, traveling is on pause for a moment. However, I am back in the kitchen and have been cooking and baking. To start the new year off, I am making a cake! If you read the last post of my mini series, or if not click here, I talked about how I feel like I’m still back on the islands. With that being said, you can’t be back on the islands without mangos. For this week, I am making a mango cake with a mango jam filling. Mango jam can be a seasonal item depending where you are located, but for this recipe I made mango jam from scratch. I might even have this recipe in the next post. If you’re like me, and just want to a slice of mango cake right away, this recipe makes one layer of cake that you can enjoy, but you can double this recipe to make a two layer cake. And still eat the whole thing and not feel bad about it.

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I did create this recipe, and I can tell you that there isn’t a strong mango taste where it would taste too tart. This cake gives a hint of mango without feeling too sweet and too heavy. I do use real mango, in the mango jam, but in the cake I use mango extract. Stores may not carry this, so you will either need to go to a speciality store or order online. If you have ever been to Red Ribbon or Goldilocks, Filipino bakeshops, mango cake can definitely be a competitor against their cakes.

Fun fact: it’s the beginning the new year, and I’m trying something new just for you! I’m now on Medium and I will be releasing some behind the scenes footage, background history of dishes, and even recipes. Go ahead a follow me there too! For my first Medium post I’m releasing this recipe to you! Go check it out by clicking here Happy baking!


Until the next recipe…

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