Ciao Bella!-Fusion on Fusion-(The new mini series #2)

If you can’t tell from looking at the title, for the first stop on the Fusion on Fusion series we’re heading to Italy! This first post has special place in my heart, because for two years of my college career, I worked in Italy. Well… not exactly “in Italy.” When I was in college, I used to work as an assistant at Casa Italiana. The Casa Italiana is a place on campus that is the hot spot for Italian culture. The mission of the Casa is to educate students and the community about Italian culture and heritage. I’m not Italian, but I learned a lot about the culture by working there.
Valencini_I worked during the school year and during the summer for two years. I had several tasks assigned, but my favorite was to help with the cooking class. The Casa hosted several classes, but the cooking class was one of my favorites to help out with. My main role for the class was acting as the sous-chef for the instructor of the cooking class, and it was my favorite job. The instructor was born and raised in Italy, and all the recipes she taught were all her original recipes. My tasks included things like: looking over her recipe before printing final copies for her students, assisting in prepping all the food that would be presented on table for demonstration, chopping and dicing ingriedents ahead of time, and washing all the pots and pans after the class was over. It was a lot of work, but on the bright side, she always put food aside for me at the end of her class. Since I didn’t get to participate in the actual class, she would give me a mini teaching lesson of the recipe. By the end of the lesson, we would have a small portion of the recipe that we would as a dish to be on display.

Follow me on Instagram! @cookingwithlolajayme. I have pretty awesome photos!

Follow me on Instagram! @cookingwithlolajayme. I have pretty awesome photos!

One of the recipes I learned how to make are arancini. Arancini are basically stuffed rice balls that are coated with bread crumbs and deeped fried. With this recipe in mind, I fused it with Lola’s valenciana recipe. You can click here to see my post about valenciana. The reason why I close to fuse these two recipes was because the ingriedents in arancini are slightly similar to valenciana.
Not going to lie, when I made and tried this fusion recipe, I felt like a genius. Why hasn’t anyone created this before?! It tasted amazing and I even made my own bechamel sauce instead of red sauce that normally goes with arancini. I’m leaving a note here for my family, I have extras don’t worry! They are all in freezer bags with your name on it. Still in awe of this fusion, but there’s more fusion on fusion recipes to come!
Until the next recipe…

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