Coco Puffs Meet Your Maker

So I may have a slight sweet tooth, as you can see from my previous posts. My body is a temple, that’s why I eat tons of delicious foods. “No harm, no foul” is my motto. I’ll have to balance all these sweet recipes with some savory dishes soon, so stay tuned! This week, I cooked a dish that might be a “cheat day” One word: champorado. Now, champorado is similar to “arroz caldo.” Which I wrote about in a previous post. Click here for the arroz caldo post.


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The difference is that champorado is a sweet and not savory. So you can make both and have sweet and savory. With this recipe, it’s officially acceptable to have chocolate for a meal, but if you have kids I would keep it secret. I do suggest to have it in small portions or you might lose your sweet tooth in a bowl of chocolate.
Champorado, in a nutshell, or in this case a bowl, is melted chocolate mixed with sticky rice and drenched in condensed milk. You can have champorado hot or cold. I personally enjoy the dish when it’s piping hot and right off the stove, and I immediately drench the porridge with condensed milk. Which is a must when have this dish. To skip out on condense milk is crime punishable by ice cream for dinner. My mouth is drooling right now thinking about it.

Now, if you’re not familiar with this dish, it does sound odd to mix rice and chocolate together. If you have had Coco Pebbles, champorado is kind of like it’s cousin. If you have it hot, it just melt beautifully, like a mint that disintegrates in your mouth. Plus this dish skips the step of drinking the chocolate milk from the bowl. Champorado is more appropriate for merienda. Merienda, for some who don’t know, it is a light meal between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Essentially , when you translate “merienda” into English, it means snack. People may have yogurt or fruit as a snack, but I have no shame in eating a bowl of champorado as I watch TV. I cannot confirm nor deny, that I actually did do that this week. With that being said, put a side your chips and have a bowl of champorado.

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Kain Tayo! (Let’s Eat!)

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