Do-nut go Hurting Yourself

The past few days I have been craving chicken adobo. If you don’t know what adobo is, adobo is taking any meat and marinating it in a sauce. The next step is to stew the mixture over heat. You can basically adobo anything. Midway through me eating a plate of chicken adobo with rice, I came up with a weird idea. Weird, but genius idea. I thought, why not take adobo and make it sweet? So I came up with the idea of putting adobo in a donut (dough-dough-do-do-do-do) . Yes, you heard me right. A donut.

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When I first tried to make this donut, I miscalculated the ingredients in my attempt  to make donuts. Figuring out the ratio of adobo to donut can be difficult. After trial and error I figured out a way to combine both worlds. My new title next to blogger is donut maker master. After I taste tested this concoction, I felt like a little kid wanting to show their artwork to their parents. I actually had one my friends try this and she said, “ It’s flavors I never had before”.  The secret is the magical adobo sauce you drench it in, but I can’t give that way or it won’t be secret. When people want to grab the potato chips coated in chocolate, I’m grabbing an adobo donut.


Until the next recipe…


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