Donut Judge my Creation

The unusual of unusual ideas has occurred this week. It all started off with a donut run to Misfit Donuts. By the way, I suggest you go visit their donut shop pronto. The reason I recommend this place is that they create new donut flavors weekly and they’re all vegan. Their donut creations got me thinking, “How could I make donuts savory?” This week I made palabok donuts. To all my Filipinos, I know it’s the one of the oddest combinations. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this dish, Palabok is a noodle dish that is smothered with shrimp sauce, chunks of pork, slices of hard boil egg, and topped with green onions and chicharon. You would think this is a dish, but it’s considered a snack.

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So I thought I would make a dish that looks sweet, but taste savory. Let me introduce to the palabok donut. Normally, you wouldn’t think that noodles and donuts mix, but they do! The donut gives it that soft consistency and the noodles add the extra spongy texture. Topped with crush chicharon. Plus with the shrimp sauce as a glaze….jaw dropping. I’m just going to leave these palabok photos right here and walk away like it’s a mic drop.


Until the next recipe…

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