Ehh, Add Some Garlic to It

arroz caldoLet’s just say this past week has been a struggle. I was in a tug of war with a cold and let’s just say the cold pulled me over the line most of the week. Trying to cook with a cold is like trying to cook with one hand tied behind your back. Torture is one word that sums it up perfectly. So, since I was battling a cold, cooking soup this week seemed like the best option to help cure the cold instantly. Whenever you’re sick, this would be the soup to cook arroz caldo. The literal translation of arroz caldo means rice soup. It looks similarly to porridge and congee, but the flavor profile of arroz caldo is different.

Arroz caldo has garlic, chicken or shrimp, hard boil eggs, green onions, ginger, and rice. Although the look and texture may be similar, the arroz caldo is more of a savory dish compared to porridge or congee. If you know what champorado is this the complete opposite. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you will soon find out in a future post (hint..hint). Anyways, arroz caldo does sound like a heavy soup, but the ginger in the soup will definitely clear up your nasal passages and one of garlic’s healing power is to cure the common cold. Bet you didn’t know that, always learning something new everyday. This blog is basically a Snapple cap.

arroz caldo close upNow, my memory with this dish goes back to when I was little. I remember my mom cooking this soup for me when I was sick.  When I had a cold or any sickness she would make this and tell me, “Eat this. It will make you feel better”. Personally, when I’m sick I wouldn’t eat much and just drink liquids. When my mom makes me eat this soup it reverses that effect. It’s honestly one of those soups that really gets you out of the ‘funk’ of having a cold. After one bowl, I feel revitalized. After saying that, it sounds like I’m in a shampoo commercial.  I’m not sure how this soup makes you feel this way, but I’m positive it’s the garlic that has been marinating in the soup. Some people choose chicken noodle soup when they’re sick, but arroz caldo is my go-to soup. The next time you’re sick, even though I don’t wish the feeling on anyone, this soup will beat whatever you have and change the ritual of what to do when you’re sick.


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Kain Tayo! (Let’s Eat!)

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