Ending the Summer Right

Summer is slowly coming to an end, but we need to end the Summer right. This week I made jello! I know, it’s the not the most fanciest desserts, but we can make it fancy! Growing up I liked getting the jello cups in my lunchbox. ┬áIt’s a classic in anyone’s lunchbox. To make a Summer time flavor I made calamansi jello. Calamansi is a fruit that is a blend between a lime and lemon. It’s very tart, but it is similar to lemonade and limeade. On top of making calamansi jello, but made homemade whip cream. To make it even more fancy, I made it look like it’s perfectly cut in half in the cup. How did I do that you might ask? I have my secrets….

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This dessert is definitely a refreshing dessert. It reminds me from the movie Princess Diaries, when Princess Mia learned during the fancy dinner that there is a palate cleanse between meals. You would eat this mint gelato, but then she realized you’re not suppose to eat large spoonfuls of it. It’s exactly like that! Except this calamansi jello you can have as many spoonfuls as you want.


Until the next recipe…

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