French Omelettes are so Overrated. Try this one!

If you follow me on Instagram, @cookingwithlolajayme*plug, plug, plug*, I shared on my Instagram stories that I am combining a Filipino dish with a dish from Spain. Also, I shared my incident at Marshalls with a little girl sitting in a shopping cart staring at me while I was standing line because I was a holding a frying pan. Go ahead and judge me….little girl (For the record, it’s show reference from Drake and Josh. If you don’t get it, Youtube it).  

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For this week I’m combining torta talong and the Spanish omelette. Let’s start with the first dish: torta talong. Talong in Filipino means eggplant. Torta talong are grilled eggplants soaked in eggs and then fried. I took this dish and mixed it with the Spanish omelette. Now, an omelette doesn’t sound so fancy. What makes a spanish omelette different from a regular omelette and a french omelette is how it’s prepared. Normally, people put meat with cheese and close the omelette like a taco. With a spanish omelette there’s potatoes and onions,but you let it sit in the pan. You don’t fold it, you let it sit in the pan and flip it. The final product looks like a giant pancake.

I combined the Spanish Omelette and added roasted eggplant with it to add a touch of torta talong. Traditionally, you don’t add anything in the oil. For me, to add the Filipino twist I flavored the oil with garlic adding a hint of garlic in the omelette and I caramelize the onions so the dish is a tad sweet. Honestly, I’ve been eating this for the past two days. It’s such a simple dish, but the flavors that came through makes your mouth water. I cannot confirm nor deny that I have a plate of this dish next to me as I’m writing…


Until the next recipe….  

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