Fusion on Fusion- The intro (The new mini series #2)

If you follow on me on Instagram, @cookingwithlolajayme, you would know that I have been MIA from the social scene. I know, I haven’t been away from social media since my last incident with my phone. I’ll put a link a for those of you who want to check out it out here.
The reason why I have been away for long is because I’m coming out with another new mini series! My last mini series,The Foodie’s Time Travel Diary,were all about my memories with Lola and Lola, and connecting them to certain dish with life lessons. If you read my last blog post towards the end I explained how Lola took what she experienced from her travels and merge cultures together that are reflected in a few of her recipes. For this series, I’m taking the challenge of blending Filipino cuisines with cultural dishes. Hence, the title of Fusion on Fusion. Starting next week,the chaos and fusion will begin! Oh yeah, follow me @cookingwithlolajayme, the craziness will also be documented on my Instagram.
Until the first Fusion recipe….

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