How Do You Make a Cake Jiggle?

This past weekend, I went out to celebrate the birthday of one of my closest cousins. He’s a simple guy and didn’t ask much except that he wanted to celebrate by going to a fancy restaurant with a view. Dinner was amazing, but let’s just get to the main course everyone is thinking about as soon as they walk in the door: dessert. As a family, we picked two desserts. We chose a banana foster and a grand mere souffle. After chowing down on desserts like heaven, my uncle dropped a hint that I should try to make a dessert that’s airy and light like a souffle. He also made a subtle hint  to put some type of fruit in it.

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So for this week, I fulfilled his request and made a jiggly fluffy dessert. When I was little, I remember getting these triangle cakes at the Asian Market that were very light. If you squeezed it, because squeezing triangle cakes is a completely normal thing to do, it feels like a mini pillow that you can eat. Come to find out, those cakes are called Japanese cheesecakes and so I took that traditional dessert and put my own spin on it. This week, I made a Japanese cheesecake with turon filling. Turon in the Philippines are plantains that are wrapped like an egg roll wrappers, deep fried and then smoother or dipped in a brown sugar sauce. It is the most delicious and simple dessert out there. The crunchiness of the wrapper and the sweetness of the plantain….turon should be considered as its own food group.

I’m going to be honest, I am super happy with how this cake turned. Even though to make this cake was time consuming, it was totally worth it in the end. You know you made the cake right when you let the cake cool down and while you are taking it out of its tin, it starts to jiggle. Yes, I did make the cake extra fancy by making my brown sugar cinnamon chips to give the same crunch when eating turon. If I could, I would cut a slice for you.

Until the next recipe…

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