Hungry for the Motherland- Do you know Jo? (new mini series)

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Round one of food reviews. Ding, ding, ding! I’m putting a special shout out to my Manang JoyJoy for taking me to some of the best places. On my first day back in the Philippines, she took me on a foodie excursion.  A way to foodie’s heart is taking them on food trips. I’d like to say thank you for making this foodie’s heart melt over amazing dishes just like Paula Dean seeing a stick of butter.

So one of the many places Manang JoyJoy took me was this place called Jo’s Chicken Inato, for lunch. First things first: I don’t know who Jo is, but he’s a genius with food and I need to be friends with him. Rumor has it, he’s somewhere in Bacolod. We need to go find him and give this man a high five for this dish.  


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After walking around the city,  she told me she was going to take me to a chicken house for lunch it was one of those moments you want pause and just reflect on that sentence for another 20 seconds. In my mind, I’m thinking wait, I have to go find my own chicken? Is there another way around this? Don’t worry, Jo’s Chicken Inato was a restaurant and not an actual chicken house.  Jo’s Chicken specializes in inasal.  Inasal is chicken marinated in a mixture of lime, pepper, vinegar a then grilled and while it is on the grill it is basted with the marinade and served with rice. It’s actually a specialty in Bacolod City. It’s all coming around full circle with this theory of Jo being somewhere in Bacolod. You can’t see it now, but talking about food has caused me to put my head against my desk wishing for this right now.  I am not doing this dish justice as I describe the flavors of this dish, so I’m just going to force you take four flights to the Philippines to experience this.  What I can tell you, is if you’re in a tight pinch for time, it’s definitely one of those dishes you can order and eat quickly. Yet, it still makes you feel more satisfied than grabbing a bag of chips from a vending machine to get you through the day. If I had this restaurant near me in college, the dining hall would be nonexistent to me.  Plus, if you go to Jo’s Chicken, it’s unlimited rice, so how can you really say no to that?

Left somewhere in the Philippines…

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