Hungry for the Motherland- How much Bread Should I bring? (new mini series)

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 So I paused the mini series last week so that I could fully enjoy Thanksgiving with my family. As much as I am still recovering from the Thanksgiving food coma, the blog is back on track and we are back to that island vibe. For the past two posts, my Manang JoyJoy had the role of tour guide, taking me to some awesome food places. If you don’t know who I’m taking about, check out the first post of this mini series here (insert link). Throughout my trip, she had taken me to amazing places for lunch, afternoon dessert, and dinner. For dinner, our family went to a restaurant called 7 Fishes by Coco Veranda. From a glance, my initial reaction was, “aww cute! A subtle name to let everyone know that it’s a seafood restaurant”.  However, I was slightly off with my prediction.

crispy-pata-from-7-fishesThe vibe of this restaurant was definitely a place where you can take your family or a group of your friends. It had very family oriented vibes, where you can all just sit down, order a plethora of food to share,  and just have a night to unwind. It’s not a noisy, congested area where you can’t hear anyone talk, like at a bar. The best part of going out to dinner at this restaurant was that you could actually sit, and carry on a conversation with people. Unless you’re like my family where we eat and laugh the whole time, it’s a place for that too.  

soup-from-7-fishesWhen it came to our dinner, my family has a tendency to over-order of food. The common phrase, “my eyes are bigger than my stomach,” is the motto of this family meals. When I mean a lot of food, I mean the amount of food that can equal the weight of a mammoth. I was just happy I got to sit next to a plate of crispy pata. If you don’t know what crispy pata, is it is the knuckles of pig that are deep fried and you dip in a soy sauce/vinegar mixture. I know you’re thinking that just seems so wrong but trust me, it was so right. The crispy pata was amazing, and even looking at this dish you wouldn’t guess it is a pig’s knuckle deep fried.

Crispy pata! Like food photos? Follow me IG: @cookingwithlolajayme

Crispy pata! Like food photos? Follow me IG: @cookingwithlolajayme

Earlier, I said my prediction was slightly off of this place. As much as this restaurant serves an assortment of seafood and Filipino dishes, there was one element I was missing. This place focuses primarily on breaking bread. When you’re in the Philippines long enough or lived in the Filipino culture like I have growing up, conversation has always been around food and you can end up sitting for awhile just conversing. Unlike most restaurants in the States, where they want their customers to stay for less than an hour and then want to turn tables over quickly, this restaurant makes having good conversation take precedence over food and flipping tables. This approach to dinners is hard to come by these days. If you ever get a chance to go to this place, take the time to enjoy good food, drinks and conversing.  You will have a night full of conversations, with little crumbs left in your 12 baskets.

Left somewhere in the Philippines…

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