Hungry for the Motherland- Missing the City of Love ( new mini series, the conclusion)

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Well friends, we have reached the end of this mini series. I have taken you to a few food places around the Philippines, but this post will be different. Even though I have been back from this trip for months now, a part of me is still in the Philippines. My mind is quite literally still on island time, and I am still waking up early in the morning. On the emotional level, I feel like a college student who hasn’t been home since Freshman orientation, except home is the Philippines and college is in a different city and the real world of working. The reason I’m being all sappy in this blog post is because as much as it had been fun running around the Philippines looking for the best eats, this trip grounded me more in my culture than previous trips.

I have some pretty cool photos on my Instagram: @cookingwithlolajayme

In previous posts, I mentioned how food can bring everyone to the table and creates conversation. This trip made me realize that I was missing one thing: you can taste cultures in any dish. Even if you haven’t learned the language, food is a common language. This will be a short post, but I just wanted to start off the year on the right foot and give you a New Year’s resolution. If you are unable to travel to another country, try to make it a New Year’s resolution to at least try a new restaurant you have never heard of. Head over to “Yelp”, and search for Japanese restaurant, or visit a Korean restaurant. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and experience culture on a plate. You might even surprise yourself. It’s 2017, start it with traveling from plate to plate.

Left somewhere in the Philippines…

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