Hungry for the Motherland- Quick! I need Something sweet. Sweet Cravings?(new mini series)

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In a country that is as hot as the Philippines, sometimes you need to cool down with something sweet. For the sec  Coincidentally, that was the name of the bakeshop I visited, Sweet Cravings. Sweet Cravings Bakeshop specializes in anything sweet: cakes, shakes, ice cream, you name it, they have it.

So naturally, after having chicken inasal from Jo’s Chicken (click here for chicken inasal post) with my Manang JoyJoy, she took me to Sweet Cravings to grab some halo-halo. Now, for those of you not familar with halo-halo, it may look odd. Halo- halo basically means “mixed together,” and it is mixture of sweet bean, agar jelly, coconut, all over shaved ice. Sometimes, leche flan and ube ice cream are added. For some, it looks scary to eat because of the mixture of flavors. However, I’m telling you now it all works together and you should not be afraid to try a dessert or dish at least once. You can’t judge a book by its cover.


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When I was growing up, halo-halo was hard to come by and therefore it was a sweet treat when I had the chance to have it. Sometimes, it wasn’t easy to make it on your own due to not being able to find all of the necessary ingredients. Plus, trying to shave your own ice isn’t as easy as you might think. So being at Sweet Cravings, ordering halo-halo was like seeing Heaven gates opening and hearing the sound of angels playing harps, and I am not over exaggerating. I suggest ordering the mini size, because if you end up ordering a small size of halo halo, it’s the size of mixing bowl. Unless you’re drenching in sweat and need to cool down, then go ahead and get the giant mixing bowl size. If you are one those people who loves taking food photos, like me, it’s definitely a place that makes cute desserts that are Instagram worthy. Just a random side note, if you’re looking for rainbow cakes in the Philippines, visit this place. They sell it by the slice!

Left somewhere in the Philippines….

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