Hungry for the Motherland- The Hidden gems of the Mount ( new mini series)

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For this week, we’re going to travel to Manila to satisfy our sweet tooth.  More specifically, we’re going to Makati, Philippines. Makati is known as the financial hub. You can’t miss this part of the Metro Manila since there are giant skyscrapers and shopping malls in the area. Everyone has a tendency to get distracted by the towers, but what is hidden among these glass buildings is the real treasure, “Cafe Macaron”.

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Cafe Macaron isn’t a stand alone cafe shop like the ones you may see in Green Belt. For those of you who might not know what Green Belt is, it is a shopping area in Makati. Cafe Macaron, on the other hand, is hidden in the Fairmount Hotel, which is located near the Green Belt. They make cakes, pastries, and have variety of coffee and teas. On my adventure to find this hidden treasure, I tried their chocolate black tea latte.  You would think they served this drink in a classic coffee mug, but they dressed this drink in a martini glass with tea leaves and chocolate shavings. If you need a good pick me in the morning, order this drink and the  caffeine will kick in, even though the chocolate hides it well.

If you can’t tell from the cafe’s name, their speciality is delicious macarons. When you first see their macarons in the glass display case it looks too pretty to eat. The way they displayed it made the macarons look like an edible rainbow. The cafe makes the standard macarons like red velvet and pistachio, but they make a special one called queso de bola macaron. This “queso,” or cheese, was brought over from Spain, but when you translate “queso de bola” from Spanish to English it means Edam cheese or ‘ball cheese’. For the queso de bola macaron, the cafe makes red macarons and fill the middle with queso de bola. They make the macarons red to mimic the red wax casing usually found around the cheese. It’s not the typical filling for a macaron, but because the cheese has a mild and nutty flavor, the almond taste of the macaron blends well together.

I am giving you a fair warning, ordering a macaron here is slightly pricy. Roughly 78 pesos for one macaron, but if you’re in the mood to splurge, I strongly suggest choosing the queso de bola macaron to splurge on. With this one macaron, you can taste the old world in one bite.

Left somewhere in the Philippines…

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