If You Could Only Taste The Clouds

So this week, I’m back on the candy train. That’s right, I made bukayo. Bukayo is simply a coconut candy. It is made out of strips of buko meat or coconut meat blended together with sugar. This is similar to bandi, which I wrote about it in a previous post. Click here for the bandi blog. The only difference is that bukayo is softer and chewy . Bukayo can be shaped into circles or sometimes cut into squares. I am giving ebukayoveryone a fair warning, this candy can be addicting, but unfortunately has a high sugar content so have this candy in moderation.
My earliest memory of this candy was when I was little. I remember seeing these as tiny mounds and sometimes there would be different colored candies. They always reminded me of Ursula’s hair. Who would have guessed that my five year old self would make the connection from food to a Disney character.

For more food photos and behind the scenes follow me on IG: @cookingwithlolajayme

For more food photos and behind the scenes follow me on IG: @cookingwithlolajayme

The best way I can describe the taste of bukayo is sweet yet light and airy like a cloud. Looking at the photos, it may not look the stereotypical bukayo. Since it reminds me of both clouds and Ursula’s hair, I decide to make them white. Even though bukayo is soft on it’s own I added my own secret ingredient that makes it extra fluffy, mimicking meringues. Now, I may not have made it sound appetizing comparing it to Ursula’s hair, but it is one of those candy’s that will always satisfy a sweet tooth.


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Kain Tayo! (Let’s Eat!)

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