I’m Baaaaacccccckkk!!

So clearly, it has been awhile since I wrote a blog post. If you have been following me on Instagram, @cookingwithlolajayme, you would know I have been in the Philippines for a few weeks. I had such a great time and now that my jet lag is starting to wear off, I am ready to share my adventures with you! If you read my previous post, I said I would vlog my trip. Once I landed in the Phililippines, my vlogging started out pretty strong. Slowly, however, it came to a realization that I would rather be living in the moment. I missed being in the Philippines so much, I just wanted to soak it all in for the short amount of time I had. Spending time with family was the most important part of my trip, so I wanted to take the time to hang out with them and catch up. Eventually, I will try to make a montage with the footage I did take so that I can share some of the beauty of my home with you.
On the bright side, food adventures were a constant on my travels. When I mean constant, I mean I was always going out and eating really good food. Speaking of good food, I wish I had some of the stuff I ate right now, because this girl could really go for some crispy pata. So since my vlogging was a semi-fail, I decided for the next few days to do food reviews of my food adventures. I’m notorious of creating mini series, so this is another mini series to add to the books! So I’ll talk about places to get a quick desserts, some places to get a lunch and maybe throw in a few fancy resturants to give a try.
So, for now, stay tuned for the first review and follow me on my IG for instant updates!

Until the next recipe…

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