It’s Candy, Not A Band

So this week’s recipe was a challenge. Let’s just say, I had to be Nancy Drew. I cooked “bandi,” a native delicacy. It’s basically the Filipino style of peanut brittle made with “muscovado” or raw sugar. Normally bandi comes in a giant circle covered in saran wrap and you can break off pieces of it to eat. Oh, and if you’re allergic to peanuts, this isn’t the candy for you. For you who arbandi3e Filipino, you might be thinking, “You made the oldest kind of candy, I’m going to break a tooth on that.” I agree, bandi is a tough candy to eat. It’s like trying to bite into a brick. For that reason, the bandi I made is different from the traditional style. You can thank Lola for creating this new formula.



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When I was going over her recipe, her measurements seemed slightly off. This is where I had to become Nancy Drew. When I first learned how to make bandi, Lola had these candies scattered around her house on cookie sheets to dry. She made them into individual circles instead of giant ones that you had to break pieces off from. She also figured out a new way to make the candy softer to eat, I must get my super-slueth skills from her. I had to really dig deep in my memories to rediscover her certain mixture. I tested out different measurements and ingredients and finally nailed it! You might be thinking, “Well what’s her secret mixture?” If I told you then it wouldn’t be secret. Maybe one day if there is a cookbook published, her secret formula will be documented to share.

Making bandi does take time to make. It can be time consuming to melt the sugar, getting the perfect temperature, and to get right consistency of the batter.  If you tried peanut brittle, Lola’s formulation is similar but  has the texture of fondant when dried, but not as chalky. Yet it still has the candy taste like the traditional candy. I promise you, you’ll actually want to eat this candy and  your dentist won’t stop you from eating it.

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Kain Tayo! (Let’s Eat!)


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