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For this week’s post we’re visiting two countries. Confused?  Let’s just say we’re going to have to take the red eye for this trip. Brussels has been good to us, but we’re going to have a layover in the United States and then stay a week in Japan! The reason why we’re going to two countries is because this week, the recipe is mixing three different colorful cuisines.

I got inspired by the ramen burger. The burger is a creation by Keizo Shimamoto and blends two dishes beautifully. So I thought about how I could deconstruct this dish and add my own flair to it. So this week I am writing about a dish I’m calling “The Batchoy Burger.” Batchoy is basically the Filipino version of ramen. I can’t describe batchoy because when you eat this ramen, it will transcend you. Yeah, it’s that good. Just grab a bowl of it now, while reading this blog and you’ll know what I mean.


Check out my IG for more! @cookingwithlolajayme

Check out my IG for more! @cookingwithlolajayme

So instead of having the noodles be on the bun, I turned the original ramen burger from the outside in. I ended up having the noodles be the patty. This is the part when I say, “woah woah…don’t jump to conclusions”. The patty is not solely uncooked ramen. When you cut into it there, is a beef patty that is encased in the ramen like a jelly filled donut, but beef…and ramen. The beef patty is seasoned with all of the spices that are typically in batchoy. Looking at the photo, you’re probably thinking how did you even make that? Honestly, it’s a process and I’d need to write an entire novel to explain it. So with that being said, it will be mystery to you how the beef patty ended up in a bed of ramen. This ramen beef patty is in between toasted pandesal, if you don’t know what that is ,I’ll leave you a link to a blog post I wrote right here.  To finish up, I topped the burger with spring onions and since garlic is prominent in batchoy, I made my own garlic aioli sauce to go with it.

After I made this burger and tasted it the best way I describe it is, the easiest way of eating batchoy in a few bites. Granted it’s a carb load, and was interesting process to make, but definitely well worth it. Fun fact: I have so many batchoy ramen patties left in my freezer so guess who’s going to live off batchoy for a week? This girl!  Until the next recipe….

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