It’s not even cold out

First I’d like to say that I hope you liked my second mini series, Fusion on Fusion. I am still recovering from a bit of jet lag from all of the traveling we’ve done past weeks, but I had fun creating these recipes. If you liked the Fusion on fusion recipes, don’t you worry, there will be more fusion on fusion recipes in future blog posts. The best way to recuperate from a long trip around the world is enjoying a good ole cup of soup. It’s not Fall yet and it’s still hot outside, but it doesn’t have to be cold out to have soup. This week I made pancit molo. I had this soup when I was sick, and just as a quick meal growing up with rice. The best part of this soup is that you can save it in your freezer for later. So when you don’t have time to cook you already have a pre-made meal a head of time.

Check me out on IG! I have cool photos there too! @cookingwithlolajayme

Check me out on IG! I have cool photos there too! @cookingwithlolajayme

Fun fact: this is the very first dish Lola “taught” me how to make. The reason I put “taught” in quotes because when I was younger, I would watch her wrap the dumplings for the soup. There would be a stack of wonton wrappers and a bowl of the meat filling on either side of her. She would wrap the dumplings like it was origami. If you think napkin folding is fancy, you have never seen what it’s like wrapping dumplings. It wasn’t until I was maybe 6 or 7 years old when I learned how to wrap. Honestly, I’ve wrapped dumplings with my Lola, aunts, cousins, and my mom and I have noticed that everyone has different styles. In the way my Lola always said, “It doesn’t matter as long as it stays together when you cook no one will notice how you fold it.” So origami wrap dumplings however you want.
Looking at the photo, you might be wondering why there are three dumplings in the soup. If I am being completely honest, I have no idea why. Growing up I was always served this soup with three dumplings in it. If you know why this soup is served with three dumplings let me know, because this is question I think of whenever I have this soup and I haven’t found an answer to it.

Until the next recipe…

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