Let get Jamming!

I’m slowing down with my addicting to ube, and throwing a curveball for this week. This week, we’re making some mango jam. Some days for breakfast, I have strawberry jam on my toast. Lately I haven’t been vibing with the strawberry jam. So I took it upon myself to switch it up and make my own jam. You might not think mango should go on toast, but take my recipe as test run and see for yourself. You’ll love it more than jellyfish jelly. If you got that Nickalodeon reference, you deserve a Krabby Patty. Check out my recipe on Medium.com by Clicking here. I have easy step-by-step recipe to  follow and you’ll be jamming on your own. Not a fan of reading a recipe? I’m soon going to release recipe videos. So stay tuned!
Until the next recipe….

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