Let Me Give You A High Class Hot Pocket

I have more food photos on IG! @cookingwithlolajayme

I have more food photos on Instagram! @cookingwithlolajayme

So this week’s recipe is on the list of specials posts. If you haven’t seen my photos on Instagram this past weekend, go follow me @cookingwithlolajayme. My shameless plug in. Anyways, if you have seen my photos, you know I made empanadas this weekend! I actually visited my parents this weekend and made them empanadas.  It may not be widely known that empanadas exist in the Philippines, but they do! Unfortunately, my parents ran out of some of the typical ingredients to make the filling, I’ll make empanadas with the traditional filling as a future post instead. However, for the time being, I had to be creative. I ended making the filling with broccoli and cheese.

empanadasI had to improvise; I ended up blending ingredients that are not normally together in an empanada.  Personally, I never put broccoli in a empanada. Once I took them out the oven, my mom said, “It’s like you had half a cup of broccoli and cheese soup.” When I tried it, I realized that she was right. The broccoli and the cheese blended well with the pastry. It’s like someone took a bowl of broccoli and cheese soup, put a pastry on top and baked it to give it a crust similar to chicken pot pie. The key to making empanadas is to remember it’s not just your filling that matters, but your pastry as well. They both need to balance each other. That being said, I made the pastry by hand and there is a huge difference between homemade and a pastry that was store bought.

               Now, I’m going to bring my soap box out and give a little speech about empanadas. I have days where I go around my town and try different food places. I actually went to an empanada place and tried their take on empanadas. I had a chance to talk to the chef who makes the empanadas and he’s from Latin America. He was surprised that I knew the process of making this delicious delicacy. We were actually astonished that we shared similarities in the fillings we make and the style of pastry, yet we came from two different countries and cultures. What he said about empanadas is worth sharing. He had said that, “People may not understand the art of this dish. It’s more than just a pastry with savory filing. It’s a delicate process that you can’t short cut. It does take time to make the filling and dough. Let’s just say it takes a lot of love to make empanadas.” I couldn’t agree with him even more! Out of the recipes I have gone through so far, this is by far the one recipe you will need to set aside a significant amount of time for. The next time you see empanadas really appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making these “high class Hot Pocket”.  You’re practically holding a Picasso in your hands.

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Kain Tayo! (Let’s Eat!)

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