Making a Comeback

Lately, I’ve been horribly lagging behind on writing. I keep telling myself to get back into the rhythm of writing, and this is finally the start of getting back on track. Recently, my dad was in the Philippines and brought back pasalubongs. Pasalubongs translate to souvenirs. My dad brought back a suitcase filled with Filipino snacks. Basically, it was Christmas all over again. One of the snacks he brought back was rosquillos. They are circle cookies and that taste sweet, yet they are very addicting and it is hard not to eat a whole box. That being said, I actually ate all  of the rosquillos and had a moment of confusion of what to do without them. Sadly, I didn’t have a second box to fill that void.

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So, I thought I’d figure out a way to make rosquillos on my own. There isn’t a rosquillos recipe in my Lola’s cookbook ,so I guessed my way through baking and I am still pretty impressed by the outcome. Creating a recipe right after eating a box of rosquillos is the way to go. After a whole box, I knew that they are perfectly round cookies, yet crunchy. The first batch, I made these cookies too fluffy and flaky. The second time, they were not crispy enough. When people say third time is the charm, that is 100% true. I magically figured out a way to keep the cookies crisp and crunch. I am so happy with the fact that I figured it out, and I can make endless amount of cookies now, but if you get them for me as a pasalubong I’ll be happy to take them off your hands.


Until the next recipe….

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