Making the Band

Just wanted to start this post with a thank you for reading my mini series! I hope you liked it and that you find my Lola and Lolo as inspiring as I do.  It was hard to condense the series to just six chapters, but maybe in the future I’ll have a season 2 of the series. Anyways, let’s get into this week’s post.

menudoThis week I was thumbing through the cookbook and decided to make menudo. Menudo actually takes on different forms. Yes, menudo is the name of a band, but it is also a dish know in the Philippines and Mexico. What makes these dishes differ between the cultures is that the Filipino version is a stew and the Mexican version is a soup.  The ingredients in the dishes also makes both cuisines distinct. The Mexican menudo has tripe and the Filipino style of menudo has pork and sometimes liver. I know it sounds bizarre, but they all blend beautifully.

menudo close up

My IG has more photos and behind the scenes! @cookingwithlolajayme

Even though the recipe said to add liver, unfortunately I didn’t have any on hand. Sassy. Even if you don’t add the liver, I figured out that it’s one of those,“set and forget it” dishes if you choose to cook it in a slow cooker. If you think you’ll have a heavy load from work you could plan ahead to cut chunks of beef placed it in a slow cooker with tomato paste, seasonings, and the vegetables. Let it simmer while you are at work and by the time you are out of work dinner is already finished. It’s one of those dish that seem like it’s complex, but it’s an easy fix meal.

Funny enough, when I was letting the menudo simmer I had my window open in my kitchen and I heard a kid say, “something smells good.” When I looked out the window the kid was walking hand-in-hand with his mom looking around figuring out where the smell is coming from. The power of a home cooked meal.


Until the next post…

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