Meet me at Motunui!

No surprise here, I’m still on the Moana kick, and I don’t know how far I’ll go. If you don’t know what I’m talking about,click here for my previous post. Since I’m Moana, going on an ocean voyage, I’m going to need a lot of food. If you’re Asian, or from Hawaii, you are definitely going to recognize this handy snack. Spam musubi!! I know a majority of you may not know what spam musubi is, but it is like a giant sushi. The only difference is that it is rice shaped into rectangle with a piece of spam on top and then wrapped in seaweed. If you’re Filipino, you practically grew up on spam for breakfast with rice and eggs. I know a lot you are thinking, “eww spam.” Fun fact: one of my pet peeves is when people judge spam and they haven’t even tried it yet. Now you’re probably thinking, ‘gross’ because no one has properly cooked spam for you. Growing up, and even until now, I always had spam pan fried and crispy. Then ate that with rice and it’s perfect match.

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Back to spam musubi, I might have gotten off track while thinking about spam and rice. There’s different variations of spam musubi. I have seen ones with scramble eggs in it. For this week I made the standard musubi which is spam, rice, teriyaki sauce and seaweed. For an added twist, I made them look mini so it will be easy to carry on this voyage to the worlds unknown. I also fried them, and yes, I said fried, and call this creation crispy spam musubi. I thought that if you’re not familiar with musubi, maybe frying it will be more appeasing and honestly the extra crisp of the seaweeds adds a different flavor to it. So on that note, I’m ready to set sail. Let me just grab Pua real quick and well, what can I say except You’re Welcome!

Until the next recipe…Kain Tayo!(Let’s eat!)

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