Meet me by the Waffle Stand -Fusion on Fusion-(The new mini series #2)

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Switzerland is a cool place, but it’s time to pack our bags and head off to our next destination: Belgium! The first few things I that come to mind about Belgium are: their architecture, beer and chocolate. If you get a chance to go Brussels, there are chocolatier shops that let you try samples of their chocolates. Some even have chocolate fountains at the front of their store. People go on wine tours all the time, but if you are in the Brussels, try something new and create your own chocolate tour going to one shop to another, tasting a bit of chocolate at each shop.

For this week, I had the idea to fuse a Filipino pastry with Belgian waffles. Now some people may think waffles are nothing special, but let me tell you, Belgian waffles will change the way you think of waffles. What makes them special? Well, the consistency is more lighter and fluffy than regular waffles. I would normally assume that it is because of the ingredients in the batter, but amazingly,  it has nothing to do with the batter. What makes these waffles fluffy is the composition of waffle iron. So for this week’s recipe, I fused waffles and ensaymada creating ensaymada waffles.

I have pretty awesome photos on my IG! @cookingwithlolajayme

I have pretty awesome photos on my IG! @cookingwithlolajayme

For those who do not know what a ensaymada is, it is a Filipino Pastry simliar to a brioche. Except that it is topped with grated cheese and sugar. Like my infamous saying in previous posts, “it’s weird combination, but it works.” Now, I didn’t “waffle”ensaymada like the popular video, “Can you waffle it?” I figured out a way to blend waffle and ensaymada recipes so that they work in-sync. Looking at the photo, the waffle has a tie-dye effect. That is because I added ube flavoring, which comes from a purple yam very popular in Filipino desserts. The ice cream on top balances out the savory flavoring in the cheese filled waffle.  Excuse, me for a minute while I make another batch of these.

Until the next recipe….

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