Oh, I See What You Did There!

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I know, I know, I’ve missed roughly two weeks of posting. It happens, I get easily distracted. Time and time again I’m back on track! Since it’s Spring and we need to cleanse our palettes. With that being said, this week I’m bring the calamansi pie. For all my Filipinos out there, you know calamansi lives in our blood stream. We drizzle it over meats, chicken, and we even use them in drinks. You know, any drink with calamansi is the most refreshing to have on a hot day. For those of you who don’t know what calamansi it is a small fruit the size of a clementi, but it’s green. Yet, it looks like a lime. The best way I can describe the taste is if you hybrid a lime, lemon and a drop of juice from an orange you get calamansi. You will always see these as slices or wedges next any dish in the Philippines and you can even make it into a drink. I suggest try it in a drink, it’s the next level up from having lemonade.
For a spin off, I’m taking those wedges and putting it in pie. I personally, have never seen a calamansi pie so I thought it doesn’t hurt to try. The test lab for this was pretty impressive. Looking at the photos, it looks like a simple pie. Similar to an egg custard pie. Don’t let looks deceive you. It actually packs a punch from the sweetness of the calamansi. Honestly, the sweetness of the pie will it perks you up for the day. I actually made this for Easter and it was a hit with my family. One of my relatives said, “it’s a twist from a key lime pie. I see what you did there.” So from now on the list of things to do with calamansi I’m adding pie to that list.



Until the next recipe….

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