Que paso?-Fusion on Fusion-The conclusion (The new mini series #2)

All adventures do come to an end and unfortunately this is the last time stop of the mini series. So last week, we were in Ireland with my friend Liz as our tour guide. To end this mini series right, we’re going to be traveling to Mexico! We need to end this mini series with some warm weather and a golden tan.

Check out my IG for my food adventures! @cookingwithlolajayme

Check out my IG for my food adventures! @cookingwithlolajayme

So this week I’m combining a popular Mexican snack/dessert with a popular Filipino flavor. Grab your sombero and jarritos and meet me by the beach with some ube churros! That’s right, for this week I made ube churros with that purple yam jam on the side to dip them in. In a few of my previous post, I mentioned ube and if you kept up with my blog it sounds like I’m obessed with it. I don’t think I went into detail about ube. Ube is basically a purple yam and its normally used in desserts such as: ice cream, cake rolls, and cookies and pastries.  

Back to the ube churros. I’ve recently seen a hype for churros from the shop called “The Loop” in California. The Loop makes handmade churros obviously that are in the shape of a loop topped with your own choice of toppings. So I thought, why not spin off this popular idea? If you’re Filipino, the question I’m about to ask will sound really funny. As I was making the churro batter, the major question I asked myself was, “how much ube is too much ube?” My biggest problem was trying to make super vibrant, yet not have the churros be over powered by the ube. So let’s just say I eye-balled it. By eyeballing it I mean that when I poured the ube in the batter, I didn’t realized I used up 25% of the ube I had left. Whoops! On the brightside, my eye balling landed a discovery that If you use a tad bit more ube you can go lighter on the cinnamon and sugar.

With that being said, it’s time for this adventure to end wtih a plate of ube churros by the beach. So much traveling these past few weeks, but it doesn’t mean the fusion on fusion ends.

Until the next recipe…

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