Simplicity Itself Sounds Like Poetry, Doesn’t it?

Although the week leading up to Valentine’s Day is full of commercials and sales on candy, sometimes we don’t have to go all extravagant with chocolate and roses. Well, on second thought, get them February 15th because THEY’RE ON SALE. This week is also Fat Tuesday or National Pancake Day. I made pancakes. I know, it’s not the most romantic meal to make, but there’s a meaning to why I did this. This recipe is actually my own creation. I made pandan pancakes with macapuno wpancake close uphip cream. Now pandan comes from pandan leaves. This is a versatile ingredient, pandan leaves are used to wrap fish, chicken, meats before steam or barbecued and extracted as flavoring to desserts. It is a common element to use in Southeast Asian dishes and that’s your fun fact for the day. (See, a Snapple cap.)
Now, pandan pancakes do sound a little odd and you may be wondering, “what does pandan taste like?” Pandan has a unique and distinct flavor with flower like notes. The best way I can describe it is having subtle hints of rose, vanilla, and almond, yet has a milk-like flavor. I know, it’s a lot that’s going on, but trust me, these notes and flavors blend together beautifully. If you’re not super adventurous in tryipancake heartsng new flavors, try pandan in pancakes. Pancakes are light and fluffy and pandan will balance it out perfectly with it’s almond, vanilla flavor. When you have it with macapuno whip cream, it is heavenly. It elevates the dish completely and it’s way better than drenching your pancakes in maple syrup.
So how does this tie back to Valentine’s Day? I know the pancakes look green because of the pandan, like it’s St. Patrick’s Day themed. However, if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day have this in mind: you don’t have go to the fanciest restaurants in town, or spend money on expensive jewelry.When you take the time to make something for someone it’s worth more than any fancy dinner. Even if it is simply making heart shape pancakes. If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day, one of the lessons my Lola taught me is, “Always share your love to everyone, then it will always be Valentine’s day.”

Until the next post…

Kain Tayo (Let’s Eat!)


  1. So where can I find pandan/pandan leaves

    • cookingwithlolajayme February 24, 2016 at 10:51 pm

      You can find it at the Asian market. Pandan extract is easier to get your hands on,but pandan leaves are harder. If you’re thinking of using pandan leaves to wrap fish or meats for steaming I suggest banana leaves as an alternative. It’s easier to get a hold of and it’s in the Asian market too. 🙂

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