That’s the way the Cookie Crumbles

grandma normas cookies1This week, as I was thumbing through the cookbook, I found this cookie recipe. Now, I don’t remember Lola Jayme baking cookies, but I do remember that she was always the type of person who was able to create her own recipes just by looking at a photo for inspiration. She called this recipe “Grandma Norma’s Cookies.” When I glanced at the ingredients, I noticed that her recipe called for honey and ginger. Although honey isn’t a typical ingredient in Filipino cooking, ginger is one of  the main staples in Filipino cuisine. In fact, I consider ginger as one of the “holy trinity” in Filipino cooking. It may sound silly, but let me explain, I think of  the “holy trinity” consist of garlic, onions and, of course, ginger.  Growing up, I noticed that these three ingredients are constantly used in a majority of dishes in the Filipino cuisine.

To those who are Filipino, you maybe looking at the photos and saying to yourself, “those cookies look like fancy polvoron,” but the texture is the complete opposite. These cookies have a crunch and roasted texture because of the sesame seeds that are used as a garnish. However, the grandma normas cookies2crunch is balanced out with the sweetness of the honey. You may also think that the ginger in the cookie would be strong, like when you eat ginger with sushi.,Yet, the ginger adds this feeling of warmth in the taste, and acts like cinnamon. It isn’t overpowering, but has enough “kick” that you can distinguish a hint of spice. The best way to describe it is a similar to the feeling you get when you hug someone.


When I very first tried this cookies right out of the oven, I immediately thought of Lola’s hugs. I have my days of missing her. Sometimes, it’s the little things I miss, like the way she says my name, her excitement when I call, her kisses on my forehead, and especially her hugs. Sometimes in life, we take these little things for granted. Through these cookies, I can feel her hugs all over again. Definitely a cookie to bake and eat when you need  a little ‘pick me up’.


Until the next post…  

Kain Tayo! (Let’s eat!)

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