The Best Type of Mistake

I know, I know, you’ve heard me say this a few times now, but I’ve been lacking on a few posts. It is graduation season, which means there are family visits. With that being said, posts have been lagging. Except this week! I’m bring you toasted mamon, andI made this completely by accident. If you don’t know what mamon is, it a Filipino version of a sponge cake and if you make it longer, you change it to a toasted mamon. Toasted mamon has a texture of biscotti, but slightly softer.

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Here’s the story, I started this crazy baking ride aiming to make mamon. I was crazy enough to think that it wouldn’t be too hard to make. Once I made the batter and put it in the oven to bake, it wasn’t rising. Instead, it just looked flat and while it was baking it was barely taking the shape of mamon. I was thinking maybe I did a step in the recipe wrong or didn’t add the right ingredient. So, I removed it from the oven to let them cool, thinking I hadn’t made this right at all and planned to throw it out later.  I magically forgot to do the last step after baking which is taste testing. This is what happens when you haven’t blogged in two weeks. That following weekend, my uncle and aunt came to visit. I had the mamon sitting out and my uncle ate them and he said they tasted familiar. Come to find out I made my own version of toasted mamon. My uncle told me the outside was crispy, but in the inside it is airy and sponge.

I tested this recipe again mimicking the same steps I did and figured out I actually had done a step wrong in the recipe. However, because I did that one step wrong, lo and behold, I had improved on a recipe without even knowing it. Have I learned a valuable lesson? Yes, sometimes what you think you did wrong in a recipe can lead to best outcome.
Until the next recipe…

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