The Foodie’s Time Travel Diary (mini series)- The Princess and Her Pearls

pearl display

For the next few weeks there will be a mini series. Don’t know what this mini series is about? Click here for the preface of the mini series.

My journey continues on to my favorite dessert: tapioca salad. You might be thinking, “that doesn’t sound right at all”, but trust me, it’s a dessert made for royalty. Ever since I was little, Lola always made this dessert for me. She told me that during the time of the Spanish colonization, tapioca salad was meant for those who were in the upper class. This dessert has tapioca and a mixture of fruit, combined together in a sweet sauce. Lola said tapioca salad was only reserved for the upper class because it is a dessert that was  precious and cherished because of it’s rarity. It was rare to have tapioca during those times, because of the amount of work there is in straining the starch from the tapioca. Funny enough, I had this as a snack growing up. So I guess that makes me a princess.

Are you a foodie like me? Follow me on IG @cookingwithlolajayme for more!

Are you a foodie like me? Follow me on IG @cookingwithlolajayme for more!

When I very first learned to make this dessert, it was actually with my Lola and she laughed at me because I was the first person she has ever known to spill lychee on themselves without touching them. Till this day, I don’t know how I did it, but it made her laugh really hard. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good upper body work out straining tapioca pearls is the best workout. Burn the calories and replenish them with the dessert later.  

How does tapioca salad and pearls correlate? At a very young age, my Lola taught me the art and love of pearls. When I was little, she let me sit on her bed and on her dresser she had this jewelry box. This jewelry box had glass doors and when you open it some of her pearl necklaces hung on several hooks that spun. It always fascinated me, especially  the way the pearls reflected against the mirrored background that was behind the hooks. She would then grab a few necklaces and let me play with them.  Sometimes she haprincess and her pearlsd these silk envelope pouches, which you can see in the photo, and she would take pearls out of them for me to play with. I love the sound what pearls make when you clash them together and how cold they feel when you first touch them before they warm up to your body temperature. Your Snapple fact of day: when pearls feel cold it means they are real pearls.

Over time, she has taught me a valuable lesson: just like tapioca salad, pearls are precious, a privilege and rarity to own. Pearls take time to create, one necklace of pearls takes 7 years to produce. They are not only serve as a fashion statement, but they tell us the climate and living conditions of our oceans. They are a living and breathing organism, but can easily adjust to their new surroundings. The way you treat pearls is just like how you treat your life: your life is precious, don’t think you do not have a purpose in this world because you do.    


Until the next chapter…         

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