The Land of the Maple Leaves-Fusion on Fusion-(The new mini series #2)

 So, if you keep up with my blog, I usually make post every Thursday. Whoops! Today, I’m going to make up for missing a post. In my last post, we were in Italy and if you missed the trip,click here. This week I’m crossing the border into Canada Other than maple syrup and hockey, Canada is also know for their poutine. Poutine orginated from Quebec it is the heavenly combination of fries topped with cheese curds and a light gravy.  It may sound like a mess,but when I went to Canada and my friends introduced me to this dish, I found that it really goes well together.
Keep up to date with the Fusion on Fusion series on my Instagram! @cookingwithlolajayme

Keep up to date with the Fusion on Fusion series on my Instagram! @cookingwithlolajayme

For this week’s  fusion on fusion recipe, I combined poutine and chicken adobo, creating my very own chicken adobo poutine. I wrote about chicken adobo in a previous post which you can click here. Instead of putting the garlic in adobo I made garlic fries to blend the two recipes together. From looking at the photo, you don’t see gravy. Well, adobo and a fried egg goes hand and hand, like cereal and milk. So I topped the poutine with a fried egg and the yolk of the egg acts the gravy.

The best part of experimenting and fusing cultures together is that the outcome is always going to be a surprise. Sometimes experiments don’t come out as planned, but in this case I’m definitely enjoying this fusion. Normally you taste the garlic in adobo, but in this poutine,  having the garlic from the adobo recipe infused within the fries heightens the dish. Since the garlic is stripped from the adobo, the fries have more of a garlic taste and they are not as salty as fries might be. The fusion of this dish plays with minds and your taste buds. Leaving you wanting more.  

Until the next recipe…

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