What do you get when you mix Waffles, Biscuits, and a Hot Pocket?

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So,  last week was a complete fail. Some of you might remember that I shared on my Instagram story that I was going to write about making Thai rolled ice cream. It didn’t turn out exactly how I had planned and I didn’t feel like releasing content that I am not confident about. On the bright side, I did go out to an ice cream shop to get Thai rolled ice cream. If you follow me on Instagram I posted a photo about it. So it balances out. This week, my genius is shining a little brighter. If you have been around me enough, you’ll know that have adobo at least once a week in some form or another. Adobo is basically marinated meat that is then cooked in its own sauce. Something came over me and I thought, “how can I make adobo more portable?”  My genius self thought to make a hot pocket. Yes, a hot pocket, because when you love adobo you will do anything in your power to have it anytime and anywhere.

Okay, I admit that in the photos it doesn’t look like a hot pocket, it looks like a mini waffle. That’s because I shredded chicken adobo and put it in a biscuit and then put it in a waffle iron. Honestly, best idea ever. Plus with the leftover adobo sauce, I dunked the the adobo hot pocket in it for extra flavor. Do you think you’ll want to try this?

Until the next recipe….

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