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Lately, I’ve had a killer sweet tooth and have been craving something to appease it. Mostly, I wanted cookies. So this week I’m baking a batch of puto seco. Puto seco are basically rice cookies. These cookies do have a slightly hard outer shell, but when you bite into it, the cookie is more soft and chewy. Looking at the photo, the cookies have a tie dye effect. You don’t have to this, but I added some ube to the cookies to make them sweeter.


For some of you who don’t know what ube is, it is a purple yam that is semi-sweet and has the smell of lavender. Ube is bae. If you’re not a fan of ube, you can add your own flavoring to them like vanilla or almond extract. Interested in making these cookies for yourself? Check it out on Medium! I have this recipe and my previous recipe, mango cake, on Medium. Click here to check it out and let me know what you think!  

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