We’re a Perfect Matcha!

In last week’s cooking adventure I made ube puto seco cookies. Click here for the puto seco recipe. I’ve been on an ube flavor kick and I don’t know why. So for this week I thought I would help you plan out an idea of what to make for Valentine’s Day. This recipe is simple to follow and people are going to think you spent a whole day making cookies. I know this recipe is a week early of Valentine’s Day, but I’m giving you time to find ube for these ube white chocolate chip cookies so you can buy flowers last minute for that special Valentine.

Click on the recipe to link to see what these cookies really look like! @cookingwithlolajayme

If you’re not an ube fan yet, I also made matcha green tea cookies. If you’re not familiar with matcha,matcha is a finely ground powder derived from green tea. Compared to making a pot of green tea, you don’t have to let matcha soak for 3 minutes and remove it from the liquid.  You can add matcha in water or milk and stir. On the plus side, these cookies taste like a Starbucks green tea frappachino in a cookie. Compared to the last recipe, this recipe is the easiest to follow and can impress anyone. So share your love with these heart shape ube white chocolate and matcha green tea cookies! Click here, the recipe link,to see the recipe.


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