When Food Plays Mind Games With You

The recipe that I made for this week’s post is hands down one of the most interesting creations I have made so far. Since by dad got back from the Philippines, new recipe ideas have been flowing. One of the gifts my dad brought back is queso de bola.  It literally looks like a giant Babybel cheese, but tastes 10 times better! So I thought, what can I make out of queso de bola other than a grilled cheese sandwich? I decided to take a semi-hard cheese and make it into a dessert. Yes, a dessert. Contain your excitement. I put queso de bola in macarons. I know it’s an odd combination, but you will never guess there’s cheese in the filling.

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As you can see from the photo, I made these macarons look like queso de bola They’re basically the size of a mini babybel. Creating the macaron red to match with the iconic red wax around the queso. From the outside, it just looks like a standard macaron. When you take a bite into it, the filling tastes sweeter than usual macaron filling. That’s because I had made the filling and added the queso. At first the idea was far fetched. Mixing a sweet filling with cheese, but the queso de bola enhances the sweetness of the filling. Since the queso is semi-hard the saltiness of it creates an undertone of sweetness. I’m feeling like culinary genius. Also, this is a disclaimer to my family: yes, I have extras and I am sending you some macarons. Keep calm.


Until the next recipe…

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