When You Forget your Luggage -Fusion on Fusion-(The new mini series #2)

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So we’re going to have a make quick turn around on this trip, because this girl forgot her luggage. No matter how thorough of a check list I create, I always manage to forget something. So, we’re going to leave  Japan and fly all the way back to Italy. Just because it’s the second visit doesn’t mean you can’t find inspiration in the same place. Last time we visited the “bellissimo” country of Italy, we had an amazing twist on arancini, but now it is time for dessert. What better tasty treat is there than gelato?!

If you don’t know, gelato in Italian basically means ice cream. What makes it different from the typical ice cream that it is generally low in fat and contains less air causing to having more flavors. It is high in sugar, but let’s just ignore that little factoid.

I get myself into foodie adventures and shenanigans. Check it out in my IG! @cookingwithlolajayme

I get myself into foodie adventures and shenanigans. Check it out in my IG! @cookingwithlolajayme

So for this week, I combining gelato and polvoron together. Calling it polv0ron ice cream.  Polvoron is the Filipino version of  short bread cookie. This cookie tends to turn into dust when you bite into it, hence the word polvo meaning dust in Spanish.  Polvoron comes in many different flavors, but one of most well known polovron uses pinipig, which is toasted young rice similar to rice crispies.

Combining both of these desserts got pretty interesting. It took two days for this dessert to work, but I must say, it’s the only dessert I’ve created that has a sand-like texture, yet can keep the consistency of polvoron and gelato. In other words, I was making sand castles in the kitchen with this dessert. Now, topolvoron ice cream 1 get this dessert to look like polvoron, I used this special polvoron mold that works like a stamp. Since polvoron has a dust like consistency, this mold helps compress everything together. After using the mold to get the polvoron just right, I drizzled chocolate all over it, because chocolate fixes makes everything perfect. This dessert look tiny, but it packs a punch. The first thing that came to mind is that this concoction is like having mini klondike bars except the ice cream doesn’t melt as fast. I grew up eating polvoron from the Philippines brand, Goldilocks. All I can say is, Goldilocks you have some competition coming after you.

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  1. My favourite of all time! I’ve forgotten how exciting it is unwrapping it

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