You come here for Toast?!

I’m finally off my Moana boat and found a new island to roam,  While I was a drift at sea, I did come up with new fusion dish. It doesn’t seem like a “wow factor” recipe, but it does change up one of the traditional breakfast item. Plus if you’re starting to get into cooking and baking, this recipe is a good starting point. A recipe to get your feet wet. So I had an idea of trying to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into french toast. Except, instead of the jelly, I used ube jam. I brain stormed a few ideas, but making it into a casserole french toast was the best idea.

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To make this, construct the French toast like PBJ sandwich. Take thick pieces of whole wheat bread, let’s try to make this healthy, and spread one side with peanut butter and the other with ube jam. Then stick them together and put it in a casserole dish. Sometimes the sandwiches may not fit in a casserole dish, so you’re going to have to play Tetris to get everything to fit.  Then pour a mixture of eggs, cinnamon, almond mix and sugar over the sandwiches. Let the sandwiches absorb the mixture before baking. It may not be the fanciest dish out there, but when you get off a boat from an adventure like I had, it is much needed.
Until the next recipe…Kain Tayo! (Let’s eat!)

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