You Mean Igloos, and Eskimos and ICE!?!?

The past few days, it has been snowing like crazy and I’m not the best with handling the cold. I’m basically Moana trying to live in an igloo and trying to see how far I will be go in the snow. So to warm up, this week I made Sotanghon. This soup contains vermicelli noodles, or rice noodles, which is a type of noodle that I have not yet mentioned in the past blog posts. As compared to your typical noodles, these noodles are clear and they soak up the flavors quickly. Since these noodles soak up liquid quickly, you’re going to need to eat this soup slightly fast without burning your mouth. Sotanghon is basically the next level up from chicken noodle soup. It has chicken, vermicelli noodles, cabbage, carrots, green onions,and a hint of fried garlic. It’s definitely a soup that is hearty and will warm you up, which has been perfect the past two days during Snowmageddon .

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Growing up, this was one of the soups I would have trouble eating because the noodles were clear. I know, this doesn’t sound like a typical problem, but for a kid like me it was on the list of top five problems, next to trying to cook rice and it turns into a porridge. So imagine five year old me trying to get a spoon full of noodles, but can’t because I’m too busy trying to fish them out. Occasionally, if I’m really hungry I will put this soup over rice and mix it. As you can tell from the photo, I love having more noodle than broth. Just a little secret: if you really want all the flavors, it’s already soaked in the noodles.

Until the next recipe…Kain Tayo!( Let’s eat!)

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