Youtube Made Me Do It

If anyone knows me, you know I’m addicted to watching Youtube. Basically, it’s my cable. I’d choose watching Youtube videos over any Netflix’s show any day. If watch Youtube was an olympic sport, I would have gold medals by now. I’m going to admit, there are certain days I fall into the deep end of the Youtube. The part where you question yourself how you even got there. I some how managed my way in the DIY section of Youtube, and a few Youtubers figured out a way to recreate the unicorn frappuccino. I admit, I did give in and try that drink. The one day I try to be trendy and this drink made me feel conflicted over the flavors. There was just too many flavors in one cup.

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Thanks to those Youtubers, I thought why not put a Filipino twist on this unicorn trend. This week I unicorn-mermaid meringue cookies, but each cookie was either ube, mango or pandan flavor. I made them into mini cookies so I don’t eat too many of them, but since I made them small I still want to eat more. What I can say these cookies melt in your mouth. So if the unicorn frappuccino wasn’t your thing and you want to be extra fancy with your friends spilling the tea have a side of unicorn-mermaid cookies.


Until the next recipe…


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